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Choosing Wig or Hairpiece

Choosing a wig can be a difficult and daunting decision to make. Our website has a huge range of styles with something to suit everybody, we also have brochures in our salon where Peter can support you to make the right choice.

Sometimes it is easier to choose a style you have had recently or you may want a wig to create a dramatic statement for new phase in your life. We would like you to have fun choosing your wig or hairpiece. A visit to our private salon will help you confidently choose the right type of wig – cap type, material as well as style and colour. We have a huge range of hair samples for you to browse through as well as books.

It is possible to choose a wig to fit from our website and we have included some simple steps below to follow.

  1. Measure your head to choose the right cap size (how to measure your head)
  2. Choose your cap type (What are the different types of wigs and caps?)
  3. Measure the length of hairstyle you want. (How do I measure the length of a wig?)
  4. Browse our website to find the style you would like.

Order online for a quick and easy delivery or call the Salon if you would like some help.

Call: 01904 340551 to book an appointment.