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How to take care of your Wig, Hairpiece or Toupees

Aftercare Salon ServiceLooking after your hairpiece means you will get more value for your money! Its will also feel much nicer to wear and stay looking smart

Peter can advise when you buy your wig what you can do yourself on a day to day basis to keep your wig, toupee or hairpiece looking great.

Salon Service Aftercare

Regular professional maintenance of your replacement hair system will really make a difference to how long it lasts but also to keeping it looking like new. As you would visit a regular hairdressers; a trip to our hair salon is no different - we serve coffee and magazines! You can sit back in our private salon whilst Peter takes care of your hairpiece.

It is important to regularly clean your hairpiece both synthetic hair as well as natural. Keeping the hair and cap clean will make it more comfortable to wear. When we clean your replacement hair system we will also restyle it back to your original hairstyle, making it look like new. We can also trim and tidy up any loose hairs or even restyle some wigs to give you a brand new look. 

We can maintain all wigs, even if you didn’t buy it from us originally, we are still happy to help you look after it so you can wear your hairpiece with confidence!

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