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Ladies Wigs

STYLISH WIGS supply ladies wigs from approximately twenty different suppliers from around the world, our Stylish wig website is but a sample of the hundreds of styles we can supply. If your style or make is not on our website please phone or email Peter and we will endeavor to supply your request. Every style has between 10 and 30 different colours so that in most cases there is one suitable for your choice.
Many people ask me what type of ladies wig do you think is the most natural (apart from our made to measure designer wigs see our consultation service) In my opinion mono-filament is by far the best, because when you see the scalp it looks natural, to achieve this hair or fibre is knotted thinly and this again helps it to look more natural as northern European tend not to have tremendously thick hair (but there is always the exception). The other good points to look out for are lace fronts and hand tied ladies wigs.